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The Vault

Dayle Krall and The Vault

We have created this escape using the finest elements of Houdini's escapes. The darkness of Houdini's Buried Alive, the water of his Torture Cell, the bars of his prison escapes and the chains and cuffs of his bridge jumps. We have also included an element of solitary confinement. It came together in an original escape performance never before seen and not available with any other magic and escape team.

Dayle Krall is heavily manacled with 2 sets of leg irons, 5 pairs of handcuffs and thumb cuffs. Chain was locked around her neck and fastened to the handcuffs which prevent Dayle from standing upright.

Dayle is then placed into the confines of the cage which is then locked. This cage is raised into the air and lowered into the water filled tank called Crucible. Crucible is secured with 24 locks and then pushed into the pitch black Vault. The Vault is then locked and the timer set.

Once The Vault is locked, it is easier to open the door from the inside but extremely difficult to open from the outside. In The Vault Dayle is completely alone. No one can see if she is in trouble. If trouble does arise it would take a great deal of time to open the door to The Vault to rescue her.

Escape artist legend Norm Bigelow has said, "I love that Vault. A masterpiece. I use your vault as an example of a one of a kind escape because I think that escape is equal to any escape mystery created and that includes the ones of Houdini's day."

The Vault, the Cage and Crucible are original creations of Sherry and Krall Magic. All rights reserved.

Dayle Krall and The Vault
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