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The Exclusive Houdini's Water Torture Cell

Dayle Krall in the Exclusive Houdini's Caged Water Torture Cell

The only one of its kind. Houdini's Water Torture Cell encompassed in a cage!

The fictional Water Torture Cell from a publicity poster of Harry Houdini's becomes reality for the first time ever! A cage surrounds the outisde of the Cell and encompasses the stocks creating an impossible situation.

The Water Torture Cell is shown with the cage down on all four sides. The cage on the back and the two sides are brought up and secured to the Cell itself. Dayle Krall's feet are locked into the stocks and she is lowered into the Cell head first. The stocks are locked to the Cell and the front part of the cage is brought up. The lid of the cage is brought down over the stocks from the back and locked to the front part of the cage. This Houdini Water Torture Cell is sensational and is not available with any other magic team in the world!

The Exclusive Houdini's Water Torture Cell escape is an original creation of Sherry and Krall Magic. All rights reserved.

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